YorkMetrics brings together best of breed software and system measurement techniques to enable you to answer real-time business problems easily and effectively. Building on over a decade of research into business and engineering development, this distinguished work has prepared us to deliver exceptional integrated measurement systems.

Today there is more data available to people and organisations than ever before, whether its proprietary point of sale information or open government datasets. However, the ability to harness this data and place it within your context so that you can derive information has never been more challenging. Whether you’re a small retailer, SME or large organisation we can work with you to extract maximum value from the available data.

Working With Us

YorkMetrics only aim to deliver solutions that are relevant and fit your organisation without major structural reorganisation. We can provide a data health check to assess the viability of your current decision support and will work with you to implement any changes with the least amount of intrusion.

What We Offer

Decision architecting
Evidence-based measurement
Decision support
Data Health Reporting
Independent Project Analysis
Process improvement