We are uniquely positioned to provide you with measurement support services aligned to your precise business needs.

Product support, best practice & training

Our primary goal is enabling you to present your data in an informative and intuitive way. We have an experienced team available to help you get the best from your data whatever stage or level of maturity it may be at.

Data health report

Despite starting with a well defined measurement program the rapid evolution of  projects and prioritisation of day to day tasks can lead to measurement slip and decreasing viability of datasets. We therefore offer a data health report in which your datasets will be reviewed and assessed against the current project framework. Where measurement data has drifted out of line or are is no longer viable we will highlight it and recommend how the program can evolve.

Independent project analysis

We have world-class experience in measurement and analysis on projects ranging from software design and development to large scale systems of systems development. If you want to concentrate on doing what you do best then leave the measurement of your project to us. We can cover all aspects of your measurement program from framework design to data management and finally report delivery and presentation.

External data exchange

Over the past few years the volume of data available from open platforms has increased dramatically and with each dataset opened to access the potential value of your own internal repositories increases. Almost all data owners can benefit from these ‘mashups’ enabling even basic facets to be developed further to produce more informative analysis, enabling managers to make decisions based on both internal and external factors.